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Page 2:  The South KOREAN CASE

Page 3:  Appellate Court of Justice, Seoul, Korea

Note: In accordance with the signed Extradition Treaty between the two nations, especially the significance of the bilateral economic interests, President of South Korea had to transfer this case to the Appellate Court of Justice for the final verdict.                         

Criminal Department 10

Page 2:  The South KOREAN CASE

Page 3:  Appellate Court of Justice, Seoul, Korea

Vietnamese Communist government continues to exploit international relations to send diplomatic notes to the United Nations, Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), the FBI, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Justice, and so forth with the aim of vilifying Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh and disrupting the struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam.

 1990 - 1995

- F C B F V N 

- A Journey of VIETNAM


- Established the

  Revolutionary Goverment of Free VN

 1996 - 2000


- Frontier Conference

- 37 Fighters 

- Established the

  Free Vietnam Youth Foundation

- Broadcasting Operation 2000


 2001 - 2005

- CASE of Vo Duc Van, Nguyen Tan Vinh,

              Huynh Ngoc Thuan

- Public Forum Debate

- The National People's Conference 1 

  Provisional Government of Free VN

- Organized the Vietnamese National Party 

- Published Charter and presenting the:

  Provisional Government of Free VN  

- Radio and Press of the (RFVN) VNTD

- The National People's Conference 2

  Government of Free Vietnam


 2006 - 2010

- Detained in Seoul, Korea (2006) 

- Conference of the Vietnamese National Party

- Attended a hearing about Human Right at UN 

- Founded GLOBALTV 

- Winner of Human Rights Leader Prize (APHRF)


 2011 - 2015

- Established:

  the Alliance of the Vietnamese People 

- Presented dossiers of Vietnamese

  Communists at the United Nations

 2016 - Present

 Revolutionary Road

- Gallery  1995 - 2015

- Images of International Campaigns 


- Press Release

- Newspapers from Vietnam Government

- International Press

- Newspapers of Overseas Vietnamese Press 

- Newspapers of the GFVN: Cong Luan, Tieng

  Dan, Dan Toc

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